Step One Continued….


As I sat down and opened up my folder of homework, it was a bit overwhelming. It felt like the first day of school again. I hated doing assignments in school, it gave me anxiety, and I would rush through projects to stamp them complete, and move onto the next. I was told in recovery it’s a marathon, not a sprint, but I love sprinting! So, before I started answering any questions on step one I told myself I have all the time in the world. No phone, no work, and limited TV. There was no excuse why I couldn’t take my time and do it thoroughly. The step one questions were primarily about my relationship with alcohol and how it affected my life. After doing the step one packet and rereading it I came to the conclusion that I was living to drink and drinking to die…….. There has to be a better way! Stay tuned for more.

Author: Redacted1776

I am in recovery from alcohol for a little over 1 year now. I want to inspire and give hope to people who feel hopeless and lost in this disease. There is a way out, it is not easy, but it's worth it! Come see my journey.

2 thoughts on “Step One Continued….”

  1. Yes, getting over addiction is a journey, you said it best, an ever evolving, ever changing journey, I am on it as well many years later, and I have realized the strength that comes from having to… From being forced to stop and examine, reevaluate and redirect thoughts, actions, desires, to transform all the fears! All that is energy, learning to hone it is where the real learning lies. So much energy, so much desire, and so much will, sending you much love on your journey to clarity and discovering that power!

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  2. Interesting post! I couldn’t help but relate; I know there are many times where I treat things like obligations and the best way to treat an obligation is to get it over with, right?
    I have found looking at AA as a task did not suit me in the long run.

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