“Acceptance simply means that you stop trying to deny your reality and you acknowledge it instead.”(Linehan 1993).

As I was reading about DBT, dialectical behavior therapy, I stumbled upon this quote.  All my adult life I denied my addiction for fear of being “labeled” an addict. That was the distorted reality I was living in. I cared more about what everyone was going to think, which prevented me from personal growth. I had to accept my reality, that I am an addict. I had to stop trying to alter my addiction into different forms and accept it for who I am. It’s when you surrender to this disease that the actual work begins. My name is V, and I’m an alcoholic! A link to preview the book on Amazon is listed below.



A link to the book on Amazon:



Author: Redacted1776

I am in recovery from alcohol for a little over 1 year now. I want to inspire and give hope to people who feel hopeless and lost in this disease. There is a way out, it is not easy, but it's worth it! Come see my journey.

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